Joseph Long

Creative Content Director
Walla Walla University
2001 | BA Mass Communications + Business Administration
University of Montana
2006 | MFA Media Arts

With over a decade of experience in film production and media arts education, Joseph Long is a senior creative director + writer at BrightBox. He is passionate about fusing together his interests in filmmaking, photography, graphic design and art to create compelling content, concepts, and stories. His work has screened at multiple venues and festivals across the world, including Pakistan. He loves to help people and organizations highlight their strengths and stories in unique ways that broaden their audiences.

He is also the oldest of seven children and loves typewriters, 20th century history, and libraries, with special affection for anything by Jorges Borges, Mark Twain, Roald Dahl, or Arthur C. Doyle. He is slowly writing not one, but two books. Very slowly. Since early childhood, he has wanted to be lefthanded. But is not. He enjoys eating food, especially his wife's sweet potato curry, and sampling food carts with his two children across Portland.

Want to learn more? Connect with him over coffee somewhere on the West Coast, or find him on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

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